Terms & Conditions

Any variation of those conditions In any document the Dwyer &ler Is Inapplloable uniess#ocepted in writing by , our company.


No binding contract shall be deemed to have come into existence between th►Buyer and the Company until and unless the Company confirms acceptance of the Order FOrilll In.liyrIting. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Company, these terms and conditions shall constitute the only terms and conditions of sale together with those appearing in the letter of acceptance and shall supersede any earlier sets of conditions appearing in any catalogue or elsewhere and shall override any terms and conditions stipulated, incorporated or referred to by the Buyer whether in the order or in negotiations.

The Company agrees to deliver any item purchased by the Buyer within 4 to 8 weeks from the date of the acceptance in writing by company Order Form executed by the Buyer. The date for delivery stated herein is only an estimate, and we shall not be liable for the consequences of any delay. Any such delay as aforesaid in the delivery of the item to the Buyer shall not invalidate the contract or any part thereof still to the fulfilled.

The Buyer shall pay a sum equivalent to thirty percent (30%) of the cost of the item when forwarding the duly completed Order Form by way of deposit. The Buyer shall pay the balance of seventy percent (70%) of the total invoice price of the item immediately upon delivery of the item to the Buyer.
All transactions strictly In CASH.

(a)    all bookings Are not refundable or exchangeable for any other items other than that specified in the Order Form.
(b)    bookings will be forfeited after two weeks / 14 days if the item(s) ordered are not collected upon confirmation based on the date of the Order Form.

The arrangement for finance is the sole responsibility of the Buyer in all circumstances and not the responsibility of the Company or its agents.

The Company shall be entitled to forfeit the deposit of thirty percent (30%) paid together with the Form or to receive compensation of a sum equivalent to thirty percent (30%) of the cost of•he item if the Buyer should for any reason cancel his order and / or refuse to take delivery of the Itern'When tendered by the Company.

The price qUoted in the Company's letter of acceptance is provisional onlyinsofar at it is based on current factory prices , rates of exchange, freight and insurance and custoht and / or other forms of Government duties and is therefore subject to the following conditions:-
(a)    where the cost of the Item has Increased by reason of a rise in factory price rates of exchange, freight and insurance, custom and / pr, other forms of Governme    duties and / or
(b)    to circumstances of any kind whatsoever beyond the control of the Company using the Company to incur additional expenses in respect to the production of the item and /    carriage of the item.
Then, the Company shall be entitled to increase the piice of the items to e extent of any such increase.    •    '


(a)    In the event the item is proved to be damaged as a result of the negligent of the Company, the item shall be returned to the Company within six (6) months of the sale thereof and the Company shall at its own cost repair or replace the hardware and accessories including/ spare parts, replacement repair and service charges but excluding the replacement cost of (media, ribbons and other accessories.
(b)    The Company hereby warrants that all software supplied by it together4dth the hardware conforms to its product description applicable at the time of the Buyer's tendlof the Order Form and the Company undertakes to rectify any non-conformity in the iteMdelivere, so long as such discrepancy is brought to the notice of the Company within 8 days from date of reaelpt of the item. The Company shall not be deemed liable for any other software and / or program? installed in the hardware by the Buyer.
(c)    The Buyer must pruduce the Cash Sales / Receipt / Invoice in order o prove the item(s) are genuine from the Company to validate any warranty claim.
(d)    All item(s) sent for warranty are entitled to a further 1 month of warrenty.
(e)    All item(s) sent for warranty will be issued a Service Note.
(f)    The Company reserves the right to refuse the 'collection of item(s) if the Buyer is unable to produce the Service Note during collection.


All service and maintenance will be carried out at the Company's authorised service centres during working hours of 10.30a.m.-9.30p.m. from Monday to Friday, excluding weekends and public holidays. Transport will be charged for all services carried out at customer site.

Property and title to the item shall remain with the Company until payment has been made in full, and the Buyer agrees that he will return the item immediately on demand if payment is delinquent, without the necessity of notice of delinquency or demand for payment, if it is necessary for us to resort to legal action in order to regain possession of the item the Buyer agrees to pay all costs thereof including attorney's fees, incurred by the Company.

The Buyee'sharl ensure at his own cost availability of electrical power points of 230 V, 50 Hz supply at the intended computer lecation prior to system installation.


The terms & conditions shall be subjected to the laws of Malaysia.